Anyone committed to a healthy lifestyle likely has experienced muscle soreness at one time or another. Overuse or a minor injury after a rigorous workout can create temporary muscle pain that also can put a cramp in your fitness routine. Even if you’re fortunate enough to avoid this type of strain through physical activity, other events can trigger muscle aches, including tension and stress. Regardless of the cause, temporary muscle soreness doesn’t have to slow you down. Here are three helpful tips to relieve the tightness and minor pain that comes when your muscles get a little bit mad.

Enjoy a Good Soak. A tried-and-true remedy for aching joints and muscles is a relaxing soak in a hot bath. The water should be very warm, so it provides soothing relief, but not so hot that it is uncomfortable to step into the tub. As you lean back and relax in the bath for a while, the heat will help muscles relax by increasing blood flow and the elasticity of connective tissue. Adding one cup of Epsom salt to the water also may provide added relief. The Epsom salt breaks down into magnesium and sulfate in the bath, which can soak into the skin to help relax muscles and stiff joints. (Note that Epsom salt is not the same as Dead Sea salt or regular table salt. You usually can find it in drug stores or supermarkets near medications like laxatives and aspirin).

Take Your Vitamins. Adding a multi-vitamin or specific supplements to a well-balanced diet can help your body recuperate faster and prevent common aches and pains. For example, a lack of calcium may lead to occasional muscle cramps, while insufficient Vitamin C can result in muscle aches and pains. Getting enough Vitamin D in your diet is important, too, since the body needs Vitamin D to absorb calcium. In addition, antioxidant supplements, like turmeric, are known to reduce inflammation in the body, which can help minimize muscle soreness.

Roll on Relief. Athletes the world over frequently use menthol rubs for sore muscles. Now, Simple Changesâ„¢ has combined the cooling effects of menthol with the beneficial components of full-spectrum hemp oil to create a fuss-free balm called Simply Sootheâ„¢. Applied topically with a convenient, compact stick, the healthful organic balm offers welcome relief to aching joints and muscles. The proprietary formulation of terpene-rich hemp oil extract blended with skin-nourishing coconut oil and shea butter can be readily absorbed through the skin for quick and lasting effects. This unique balm also includes meadowfoam seed oil and Arnica to help nourish and rejuvenate the skin and reduce inflammation, so you can enjoy an active lifestyle.

To help prevent localized muscle pain in the future, be sure to do a gentle warm up before your workout or other strenuous physical activity. Adding a dynamic stretching routine to your fitness regimen also can help improve the elasticity of your muscles and avoid strains caused by tightness. Because it can take a few hours or even overnight for muscle soreness to set in after exercising, applying Simply Soothe shortly after you hit the gym or when you finish your morning run can help prevent those pesky aches and pains from happening in the first place. Check out the product overview to learn more about Simply Soothe and to try it for yourself!

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