Nadia Ruiz: Training with the Best


Simple Changes is excited to announce that marathoner Nadia Ruiz has joined our wellness community as a Brand Ambassador. In this role, her mission is to teach others about the many benefits of hemp extract and educate them about Simple Changes’ fast-growing line of organic hemp oil products.

A triathlete, trainer, travel buff, and dog mom, Nadia is a pint-sized powerhouse with a huge heart. She has been a running enthusiast for more than 20 years and was named the youngest Latina in the world to run 100 marathons, as well as a Top 10 Best Female Frequent Marathoner in the U.S. for four consecutive years. With a B.S. in Biology and a Master’s in Education from UCLA, Nadia has turned her passion for fitness into the cornerstone of her work as a biology teacher, personal coach, and motivational speaker. She has been teaching and coaching for 15 years and has a loyal following on social media of fitness enthusiasts who look to her for expert guidance on nutrition, training, and travel.

Nadia learned about Simple Changes through her connections in the field of health and wellness and was intrigued by the company’s focus on using full-spectrum hemp oil in all of its products. As a top athlete, she understands that it takes a holistic combination of proper nutrition, targeted training, and sound sleep to improve and maintain the body’s stamina and strength. In the same way, Simple Changes products deliver a holistic combination of beneficial phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, so the body gets everything it needs for improved wellness.   

“I am excited about sharing the benefits of Simple Changes with other people who are focused on taking care of their body and achieving their goals,” says Nadia, who shares the company’s commitment to community and wellness. As a self-professed nature lover, she also looks for all-natural solutions to common ailments and is excited about the latest developments related to full-spectrum hemp.

“Hemp oil has so many beneficial properties that can help promote better sleep, soothe aching muscles, reduce anxiety, and support digestive health,” says Nadia. She adds, “I’m excited to partner with Simple Changes to help people discover all of these benefits and develop simple habits that keep them feeling their best.”

We look forward to learning from Nadia tips and strategies for optimal health and are grateful to have her as part of our community. You can also follow Nadia on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at @irongirlnadia. 

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