TBR103|Shelf Space at Premiums; Retailers Use Pay-To-Play Practices|Dr. Christian Shaw & Pamela Orth

On this week’s episode of the Budding report, we are joined by our own co-host Dr. Christian Shaw, MD, PhD, as well as C.O.O. of WholeMade Bath and Body Care, Pamela Orth. The guests join our hosts Charles Horton and Melissa Nasits as we discuss shelf space being at a premium as more brands enter the cannabis space and retailers begin to use the pay-to-play practices.

Dr. Shaw is a physician and neuroscientist specializing in the clinical practice of addiction, occupational and preventive medicine. His multinational medical and scientific training has provided him exposure to health systems around the globe, including Canada, England, and South Africa. He is certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine in Public Health and General Preventive Medicine and subspecialty board certified in Addiction Medicine. Dr. Shaw serves as the consulting medical director for drug and alcohol treatment centers in Arizona, New Mexico, and Indiana, as well as a corporate physician consultant within the energy industry.

Pamela Orth is a nationally recognized speaker, trainer, and business coach. In 2015 she found her calling and brought her expertise in business development to the burgeoning hemp community. Traveling extensively across the us since 2015, she has worked to educate individuals, policy makers and retail outlets alike on efficacious properties of this plant. She has also created business plans, advised investors. created sales documents, and more land has sold to and trained over 400 retail outlets.

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