TBR105|FDA Finds Less Than Half of CBD Products Accurately Labeled|Marvin Washington & Robert Cartee

On this week’s episode of Budding Report, we are joined by Super Bowl Champion Marvin Washington as well as former producer and cannabis activist Robert Cartee. The guests join our hosts Charles Horton, Melissa Nasits and Christian Shaw, MD, PhD, as we discuss the FDA’s latest report findings that less than half of CBD products are accurately labeled.

Marvin retired from the NFL after 11 years and 3 teams (New York Jets, Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers). He is the voice of former NFL players in the NFL’s concussion lawsuit. He addresses the truth about the outcome and effect of chronic traumatic encephalopathy as well as an advocate for alleviating prescription opioid abuse and addiction through cannabis.

Robert is a cannabis advocate and champion of public awareness regarding cannabis prohibition. Having had personal experience in the injustice of prosecution and legal processes, he has become a speaker on multiple outlets regarding government tactics and unethical behavior when enforcing and prosecuting cases. Robert had previously been engaged in a legal battle with the state of Georgia over his arrest and indictment for trafficking in marijuana and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. He has since spent long hours fighting the injustice in the ways in which the State of Georgia handled his case, arrest and indictment.

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