TBR106|AZ Investor Interest Sparked by Recreational Use|Michael Brooks, Tony Solis & Jeff Crilley

On this week’s special episode of Budding Report, we are joined by cannabis patient and advocate Michael Brooks, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for our sponsor Simple Changes, Tony Solis, as well as media powerhouse Jeff Crilley. The guests join our hosts Charles Horton, Melissa Nasits and Christian Shaw, MD, PhD, as we discuss investor interest in Arizona being parked by the prospect of recreational marijuana legalization.

Michael is currently engrossed in a legal battle for his children after seeking end-of-life treatment for cancer through the medical marijuana field. He has been an advocate and speaker for the benefits of the treatments since being given only a few months to live, then defeating that term with the help of the medical marijuana treatments.

Tony is a former US Army Armor Officer of 6 years, a graduate of the University of Illinois and a 20-year expert in sales and business strategy. Tony has worked with some of the largest direct selling companies in the world and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Today Tony talks about muscle relief and point-therapy with Simply Soothe.

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