TBR124 | TX Dems Say Marijuana Can Help The Economy But… | Jessica Chandler & Tasha Jackson

TBR124 | TX Dems Say Marijuana Can Help The Economy But... | Jessica Chandler & Tasha Jackson - youtube

On this week’s episode of The Budding Report, we are joined by Jessica Chandler & Tasha Jackson. The guests join our hosts Charles Horton, Melissa Nasits, Christian Shaw, MD, PhD, and Chris Perri as we discuss Texas Democrats Say Marijuana Can Help the Economy, But Republicans May Stand in The Way. Jessica Chandler is an entrepreneur whose spirit is stronger than ever. Prior to retiring in 2018, she spent more than 22 years establishing industry standards that furthered the autoimmune research and diagnostics industry. Presently she oversees seven companies that include real estate investing, agriculture, natural wellness, research, leading edge communications technology, public speaking, and media. Supporting many non-profit organizations including Veterans and Autism Awareness, her industry recognition includes 2017-North American Entrepreneur of the Year,2018-Global Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, and 2019-Inspirational Female Entrepreneur Finalist. Tasha Jackson is a K-12 educator located in Arizona. She earned her master’s degree in 2015 and has been teaching for 11 years. Her experience includes teaching first grade through 12th. Her passion for education extends well beyond the classroom and is currently a spokesperson for Sanitizing Safety; a mission designed to educate the public about the dangers of alcohol-based sanitizers and other disinfectants. www.buddingreport.com www.scdso.com www.rebelmd.com www.kush.com www.cannaworldexpo.com www.chrisperrilaw.com www.sanitizingsafety.com

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