TBR125 | How One of the Reddest States Became the USA’s Best Weed Market | Chris Day & Charles Vest

TBR125 | How One of the Reddest States Became the USA’s Best Weed Market | Chris Day & Charles Vest - youtube

On this week’s episode of The Budding Report, we are joined by Chris Day & Charles Vest. The guests join our hosts Charles Horton, Melissa Nasits, Christian Shaw, MD, PhD, and Chris Perri as we discuss How One of the Reddest States Became the Nation’s Hottest Weed Market. Chris has a long track record of inspiring businesses to think differently, grow faster, and achieve more than they thought they could. He is about identifying areas within an industry that create disruption or finding industries themselves that are disruptive to the status quo. Chris has almost 30 years of corporate reinvention, small business growth, industry positioning and marketing excellence under his belt. Currently Chris spends his time helping multi-national cannabis and ancillary companies to drive growth within the nascent multi-billion-dollar marketplace worldwide. As co-founder of Project Evolve’s Global Cannabis Network Collective; he and business partner, Jillian Reddish, work to drive knowledge share and business connectivity for their GCNC members. Over the past 10 years, Charles Vest has become an Icon for CBD & Hemp oil. Interviewed on numerous Television Outlets such as Fox News, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal. Known for assisting many families in dire need of CBD/ Hemp oil in many States like Florida, Dallas, and Pennsylvania, Charles created the “Don’t move” Campaign in 2015 which alerted families across the country that they can have CBD oil delivered right to their doorstep without the need for a Medical card or fear of persecution. To date, millions of families have been affected by these efforts and the CBD industry is now moving into the mainstream of society. One can see or hear about CBD on every radio station and even on Superbowl ads. All of this because of the initial effort of a few folks back in 2011 planting the CBD flag into the ground and fighting for true significance. www.buddingreport.com www.scdso.com www.rebelmd.com www.kush.com www.bigupcbd.com www.alwaysdriveinnovation.com/cannabis www.chrisperrilaw.com

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