TBR 139 | Cannabidiol in the Management of Acute Opioid Withdrawal | Lisa Tollner & Ari Raptis

TBR 139 | Cannabidiol in the Management of Acute Opioid Withdrawal | Lisa Tollner & Ari Raptis - youtube

On this week’s episode of The Budding Report, we are joined by Lisa Tollner & Ari Raptis. The guests join our hosts Charles Horton, Melissa Nasits, Christian Shaw, MD, PhD, and Chris Perri as we discuss Case Report: Cannabidiol in the Management of Acute Opioid Withdrawal. Lisa Tollner, Sensi Signature Products Co-Founder and CMO • 30+ years in global branding and new product development • Fortune 500 marketing expertise • Strategy, brand development, and marketing for healthcare, medical devices, and pharmaceutical products • Focus on start-ups and go-to-market strategy Sensi Signature Products History Lisa co-founded Sensi with her husband in 2012. They began their journey into the world of cannabis in an effort to help her mother with debilitating pain from 35 years as a CCU/ICU nurse. Through 2 years of research, experimentation, and networking with early cannabis pioneers, they realized the incredible potential cannabis had to help people suffering from a range of conditions, and as an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals. The research convinced them to develop a product, Sensi Chews, which now encompasses a family of 9 cannabis infused edibles. Using their backgrounds in high tech manufacturing and engineering, as well as brand strategy, they launched in Northern California collectives in 2013. Sensi was the first edible to voluntarily lab test for potency and purity, and provide accurate dosing. In 2016 Sensi launched Sensi Caps CBD-Rich Soft gels, and in 2020 they launched the first healthy vegan, low-sugar, Omega 3infused Sensi Gummies. Today, Sensi Signature Products are in 300collectives across the State and is considered one of the top edible brands. Advancing Cannabis Research Believing in the value of research Lisa began different research channels. In February 2017, they launched a Stanford approved study conducted by IROC(Institute for Research of Cannabis) that tracked1400 patients to better understand how cannabis effects their quality of life and the conditions they are hoping to treat. Sensi is continually gathering consumer insights for insomnia and pain using online studies delivered through their website (https://sensichew.typeform.com/to/Izl2SJ)and work with PhDs to analyze the data to provide meaningful insights into consumer attitudes and usage. Sensi Signature Products is the only edible manufacturer dedicated to ongoing cannabis and edibles research. Customer Education and Accessibility, She is a strong believer in the importance of education and has created in-depth case studies that address specific health conditions and how cannabis can help. Medical experts, reports, and studies are combined to give consumers valuable information on the effects of cannabis. No other edible company produces case studies of this quality and selection. Others just offer education on general edible use. Each Sensi Chew includes an insert with detailed usage instructions to ensure that new users have a smooth and safe experience. No other edible brand provides comprehensive instructions. Lisa had a vision that cannabis companies should act like any other company and be accessible to their consumers. She implemented a customer support hot line so staff can speak directly with consumers and learn first-hand what they are experiencing and provide guidance. In addition, Sensi uses this direct customer interaction to educate them on Sensi’s products, but also general cannabis questions and topics. Sensi is one of the few edible companies to provide a Support Call Center for consumers. A cannabis business entrepreneur who was named a Top 40 Under 40 Rising Star in the industry by Marijuana Venture, Ari Raptis’s professional background in logistics and supply chain management created the foundation for Talaria Transportation. With the goal of building the optimum logistics system for the evolving needs of the cannabis industry, Talaria provides secure product, payment, cash processing, and lab testing transportation for license holders in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and East Coast markets. www.buddingreport.com www.rebelmd.com www.chrisperrilaw.com www.cannaworldexpo.com www.sensiproducts.com www.talaria.com

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